Is Whale Watching Worth Your Money?

Whale watching is a popular recreational activity for holidaymakers. But not everybody is thrilled about the whale watching experience. This article seeks to evaluate whether whale watching exercise is something you can spend your hard-earned money and your time on. Whale watching is one of the most iconic activities for the people of Iceland. No wonder people troop to Iceland to watch numerous whale species available across the Icelandic coastline. Visiting Iceland is an opportunity to watch over twenty species of whales seasonally. The country boasts of nearly every part of the country having at least one spot for whale watching experience. However, whale-watching is not cheap as you may think, it means having to spend over three hours in the sea and there is no guarantee for you to get up close with the wonderful sea mammal. In fact, it can potentially be stressful for those hanging about with limited time. If you are thrilled with whale-watching and extremely passionate about it, visiting one of the whale-watching spots for sea adventure might offer you a chance to see a whale’s tail or not. Luckily, if you have enough time and resources, you might get the golden chance to watch the whale become airborne for a few seconds.

The peak season one should choose to go whale-watching should be from April to October, but June to April is a sure bet season to explore the sea for a whale-watching experience. Most whale watching tours provide their latest sightings on their websites to keep those interested in the experience posted about the type of species to guide them in their bookings. However, before making your bookings you should ask yourself the following questions before booking your tickets:

Are you prone to seasickness?

If you answered yes, then rethink again. Whale-watching tours take too long and might consume all of your tour time in the sea or the harbour. If you are prone to nausea or, if staring at the horizon for a long time affects you, then you must reconsider how you want to go out and whale watch with other options available. Prepare to limit your time in the sea and seize guaranteed opportunities to encounter whale watching.

Will you go touring alone or with the kids?

If you are taking a tour of whale watching with children who have never been to sea before might react in unexpected ways. You might find yourself in a situation where your whale-watching tour turns to child-watching cutting short your expectations. Depending on the ages of the kids you are taking a tour with, your experience might be a fun filled family day or one filled with frustrations. So, choose options available for whale-watching appropriately.

Is weather conditions favourable?

Before getting into the sea, consider the right time when weather conditions are favourable, especially considering the type of vessel or boats accessible to you. Most of the time, staff and other personnel will advice you to book during the whale watching season in Hervey Bay so that you could get the best out of your tour.

Will you consider other wildlife in the course of the tour?

Like any other wildlife, whales do migrate to other areas without notice. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot one and you must settle on other sea animals like dolphins, birds and more.