Jet skiing in Gold Coast

If you haven’t jet skit before you are in for a wonderful surprise. Even if you know a little bit about it you need to get a little time to get the hang of it. The following are a few tips from the experts at Jet Ski in Gold Coast to help beginners learn the ropes.

Before you start with jet skiing there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. The first and foremost is to ensure your complete safety. Make sure that you buy a life jacket before your first time. When on the Jet Ski it is wise to have a shut off clip attached to your waist all the time. This way you would be able to cut the engine if you lose your balance or fall into the water. Make sure that you are aware about the surroundings and have somebody who you can rely on to keep an eye out for you.

Always hold on carefully to the handles of the jet ski. You must engage the throttle and at the same time keep your Speed low for about 5 miles per hour. Until and unless you are equally confident of your jet skiing skills you should be staying closer to the shore. Make sure that you practice your turns which are kind of challenging for beginners.

Accelerate slowly if you want to increase the speed. When you are speeding you would note is that the nose of the Jet Ski is lifted slightly from the water. You must learn to lift your body above the seat a little bit so you can minimize the impact when the jet ski hits the water.

If you are about to overtake another jet ski you should remain as far away from it as possible. This would allow the other driver to be aware of your presence. it is one of the easiest ways of avoiding accidents.

Recommended equipment for jet skiing

It is important that you carry a smartphone which can be used for GPS, along with that you also need a first aid kit. Since you would be in the water for a long time make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen. It can get quiet hot in the middle of the morning or the afternoon and you might end up with the sunburn. Most people also prefer carrying a solar charger. This is because people who own Jet Ski find that the battery dies almost every year. Instead of buying a new battery every time a simple solution can ensure that your battery is kept on charge. Since you don’t drive your Jet Ski on a daily basis the battery usually goes flat. However a battery which is on charge has better longevity.

Last but not the least it is recommended that every new rider should take a safety course. Although it is not a requirement for every state but it is better that you learn a few things before you get on to the jet ski. Contact Extreme Jet Ski to get in touch with expert jet ski instructors who can guide you.